Are you tired of your truck bed being exposed to the elements, compromising the security of your cargo?

Look no further! In this TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover review, we will delve into the features and benefits of this innovative truck bed cover.

Say goodbye to worries about rain, snow, or theft, as this durable and sleek cover offers maximum protection.

Let’s explore why the TruXedo Lo Pro is the perfect solution for safeguarding your truck bed.

TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover review 2023

Introduction to the TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Let’s embark on the journey through the TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover – a product that defines convenience, style, and protection for truck bed cargo.

Made from premium quality vinyl with superior engineering, this tonneau cover serves as an excellent choice to guard your truck bed. It also contents against the harsh elements of weather, while also augmenting the aesthetics of your vehicle.

What We Like

  • Sleek low-profile design enhances the truck’s appearance.
  • Easy installation process without the need for drilling.
  • Roll up design provides full access to the truck bed.
  • High-quality, durable material ensures long-lasting protection.
  • The automatic tension control system keeps the cover tight and neat.

What We Don’t Like

  • The latching system, while secure, can be a bit inconvenient to operate with one hand.
  • While the material is weather-resistant, it is not completely waterproof.

Key Features of TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Key Features of TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Unleashing the power of TruXedo’s Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover, you step into a world of enhanced utility and style for your pickup truck.

Let’s dive deep into the characteristics that make this tonneau cover a game-changer in the automotive industry.

Sleek Design and Style

First off, you’ll be captivated by the Lo Pro’s sleek and low-profile design.

Not only does it give your truck a sophisticated and streamlined look, but it also offers practical benefits.

This design decreases wind resistance while driving, which in turn may improve your fuel economy.

The black leather-grain fabric, UV-protected and resilient, adds an extra level of style and durability to your vehicle.

Easy Installation Process

TruXedo ensures that you can easily install the Lo Pro on your own, without needing professional assistance.

No drilling or special tools are required for this setup, thanks to the clamp-on design.

You start by positioning the side rails onto your truck bed, attaching them with clamps, and then rolling out the cover itself.

Once you secure the front and rear headers, the automatic tension control takes over. It provides a tight, and secure fit that is adaptable to changing temperatures and weather conditions.

Robust Security Features

Security is paramount when it comes to your truck, and the Lo Pro doesn’t disappoint.

This cover uses a secure latch locking system located on the driver’s side.

To access the bed, you have to unlock this latch first, making it difficult for anyone to access your cargo without your permission.

When the cover is closed, the latch locks automatically, providing immediate security for your items.

And if you add a locking tailgate, you’re enhancing the security even more.

Versatility and Accessibility

What sets the TruXedo Lo Pro apart is its flexibility. The cover rolls up in seconds, giving you full access to your truck bed whenever you need it.

This feature is particularly useful if you are carrying large items that might not fit under the cover.

Despite its strength and resilience, the Lo Pro is incredibly lightweight, ensuring that rolling it up or down is not a strenuous task.

Additionally, the cover is compatible with most truck bed accessories, including bed rails, bed caps, and tailgate protectors.

Durable and Weather-resistant

Constructed with high-quality, industrial-strength vinyl, the Lo Pro withstands harsh weather conditions.

It features a unique, automatic tension control system that keeps the cover taut and looking good in all climates.

The cover’s sealed design helps keep your truck bed dry, even in heavy rain or snow, protecting your cargo from the elements.

It’s also UV-protected, meaning it won’t fade or deteriorate in the hot sun.

Low-Profile Design

The TruXedo Lo Pro boasts a sleek and stylish design that sits just 3/4″ above the truck bed, giving your truck a smooth, streamlined appearance.

This low-profile design doesn’t just add to the aesthetics but also aids in improved fuel efficiency.

Safety Latch

It comes equipped with a safety latch at the rear that must be manually unlocked for the cover to open, providing an extra layer of security for your cargo.

Improved Gas Mileage

The streamlined design of the TruXedo Lo Pro can help to improve your truck’s gas mileage by up to 10%.

The aerodynamic qualities of the cover help reduce drag and thus enhance fuel efficiency.

Corner Seal

The TruXedo Lo Pro features a unique corner seal system that provides extra protection against rain, snow, and dust, ensuring that your cargo remains safe and dry.

TruXedo Lo Pro’s Performance in Different Weather Conditions

TruXedo Lo Pro’s Performance in Different Weather Conditions

Performance in Bright Sunlight

Imagine a beautiful sunny day. You’re planning a long drive in your truck, perhaps even a road trip.

In these conditions, the TruXedo Lo Pro shows its true colors. The cover is built with high-quality, UV-resistant vinyl that shields your truck bed from harsh sunlight.

It doesn’t just protect your cargo, but also prevents the cover itself from fading or cracking.

Despite the scorching sun, the cover remains flexible and the sleek black finish stays glossy, adding to your truck’s aesthetic appeal.

Effectiveness in Heavy Rain

Now picture this: a sudden downpour on your way back home. Raindrops splattering on your truck can be a cause for concern, especially when you’ve got precious cargo in the back. But with TruXedo Lo Pro, you needn’t worry.

It features a unique automatic tension control system that keeps the cover tight, regardless of the weather.

The cover’s design channels water away from the truck bed, ensuring your cargo stays dry.

Even in torrential rain, the TruXedo Lo Pro stands resilient, maintaining its shape and offering reliable waterproof protection.

Resilience in Snow and Cold

When the temperature dips and snow begins to fall, many truck bed covers fail to withstand the chill.

But TruXedo Lo Pro thrives. Thanks to its sturdy construction and weather-resistant materials, it stands up to freezing temperatures and snow.

The tarp remains flexible in the cold, ensuring easy access to your truck bed.

Furthermore, the strong aluminum frame doesn’t let snow accumulation cause sagging.

Even when winter is at its worst, the TruXedo Lo Pro remains functional and efficient.

Withstanding Wind and Storm

On a windy day or during a storm, loose items in your truck bed are at risk of being blown away.

But the TruXedo Lo Pro, with its low-profile design, minimizes wind resistance. The cover’s latch system keeps it secure in all conditions.

The sleek, aerodynamic design doesn’t just offer a stylish look; it makes your drive smooth even in windy conditions.

During storms, the cover’s resilience truly shines as it keeps your cargo safe and secure.

Endurance in Dust and Sand

Consider a scenario where you’re driving through dusty terrain or a sandy beach. Here, the TruXedo Lo Pro’s endurance is apparent.

The cover’s tight seal keeps dust and sand out, protecting your truck bed and cargo.

The high-quality vinyl is easy to clean and doesn’t show dust spots easily.

Despite dusty gusts, the cover stays tight and secure, keeping your cargo clean and sand-free.

Comparing TruXedo Lo Pro to Other Tonneau Covers in the Market

Let’s take a look at how the TruXedo Lo Pro stands up to other tonneau covers in the market.

We’ll consider two popular choices: the BakFlip G2 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover and the Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover.

BakFlip G2 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

The BakFlip G2 also lets you fully access the truck bed, but it does so in a different way.

Instead of rolling up like the TruXedo Lo Pro, it folds back in sections. This design can be more durable but may take more time and effort to operate.

In terms of weather protection, the BakFlip G2 also excels. Its hard-cover design offers excellent resistance against harsh weather conditions.

However, the TruXedo Lo Pro’s automatic tension control might give it an edge in consistently maintaining a tight fit.

Installation of the BakFlip G2 can be a bit more demanding, requiring more time and possibly additional tools.

Unlike the TruXedo Lo Pro’s clamp-on design, this cover may necessitate drilling for proper installation.

Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

The Tyger Auto T3 adopts a tri-fold design, unlike the roll-up style of TruXedo Lo Pro.

This can make access to the truck bed a bit more restricted, as you have to fold the cover in sections to get to your cargo.

Weather protection is comparable to the TruXedo Lo Pro. The Tyger Auto T3 uses heavy-duty vinyl fabric for a watertight seal.

However, it lacks automatic tension control, which may make it less effective in maintaining a snug fit during temperature fluctuations.

The Tyger Auto T3, much like the TruXedo Lo Pro, boasts an easy installation process. It requires no drilling and includes clamps for securing the cover to the truck bed.

Pricing and Value for Money of the TruXedo Lo Pro Tonneau Cover

You might be considering the TruXedo Lo Pro Tonneau cover for your truck, and it’s a wise consideration indeed.

However, comprehending the product’s pricing and value for money requires more than a casual glance.

Breaking Down the Pricing Structure

The cost of a TruXedo Lo Pro Tonneau cover varies depending on the model of your truck.

The majority of these covers cost anywhere between $450 and $550. The price difference is mainly because of the variation in truck bed sizes.

Larger trucks require more materials for their covers, and this results in a higher price.

Understanding the Value Proposition

Now, let’s dive into what makes this cover a value-for-money proposition. Firstly, its design is sleek and low profile.

This means it sits merely 3/4″ above the truck bed, giving your vehicle a stylish appearance.

This aesthetic value adds to the monetary value, as it enhances the overall look of your truck.

Secondly, the TruXedo Lo Pro Tonneau cover comes with automatic tension control.

This feature keeps the cover tight across all seasons, ensuring durability and longevity.

Thus, the higher upfront cost balances out over time as the product is built to last. Thirdly, the TruXedo Lo Pro Tonneau cover boasts easy installation.

It’s equipped with a no-drill, clamp-on design which makes the setup process straightforward and convenient.

You can install it yourself, saving on professional installation costs.

Weighing Up the Cost and Benefits

When considering whether this cover provides value for money, you need to look at the benefits it offers.

The TruXedo Lo Pro Tonneau cover safeguards your cargo from weather elements like rain, snow, and sun.

This saves your truck bed from wear and tear, reducing maintenance expenses in the long run.

Moreover, it provides extra security for your cargo. With the ability to lock, it protects your belongings from theft, adding peace of mind. In a way, you are investing in an added security feature for your truck.

Finally, it’s noteworthy that TruXedo Lo Pro Tonneau covers increase fuel efficiency.

With less wind resistance due to the sleek design, your truck can achieve better gas mileage. This means savings in your fuel expenses over time.

The Final Verdict

Given the host of benefits and high-quality features, the TruXedo Lo Pro Tonneau cover delivers a strong value for money proposition despite its premium price tag.

It’s an investment that can offer you savings in the long run, in addition to providing aesthetic appeal and security.

As you look at pricing and value for money, remember that quality and convenience often come at a higher cost.

Yet, the benefits this cover provides make it a smart investment in the longevity and functionality of your truck.


Does The TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover Provide Weather Protection?

Yes, the TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover is made from durable materials that offer excellent weather resistance, keeping your truck bed protected from rain, snow, and other elements.

Can The TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover Improve Fuel Efficiency?

Yes, by reducing wind drag on your truck bed, the TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover can help improve fuel efficiency, especially during highway driving.

Is The TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover Compatible With Bed Liners?

Yes, the TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover is designed to work with most bed liners, including spray-on, drop-in, and under-the-rail liners.

Can The TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover Be Rolled Up Partially?

Yes, the TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover features an easy-to-use roll-up design, allowing you to partially open and secure the cover in various positions to accommodate larger cargo.

Does The TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover Come With A Warranty?

Yes, the TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover typically comes with a limited lifetime warranty, providing peace of mind and protection against manufacturing defects.

Final Words

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with the TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover.

Experience the convenience of easy access to your truck bed while protecting your cargo from the elements.

With its sleek design and durable construction, this tonneau cover enhances both the look and performance of your vehicle. Upgrade your truck today and enjoy the benefits of TruXedo’s top-notch quality.

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