Is your truck bed fully protected from the elements? When it comes to maximum security and convenience, the MOSTPLUS Quad Fold Hard Tonneau Cover stands out.

This blog unpacks its outstanding features, showcasing why it’s the best choice for your vehicle.

Ready to dive into a comprehensive review that is crisp, informative, and engaging? Let’s explore this game-changer in the realm of truck bed covers.

MOSTPLUS Quad Fold Hard Tonneau Cover review

Unboxing the MOSTPLUS Quad Fold Hard Tonneau Cover

The MOSTPLUS Quad Fold Hard Truck Bed Tonneau Cover, which is designed to fit most standard pickup trucks, provides robust protection for cargo.

It’s made from heavy-duty vinyl with a sturdy aluminum frame, resistant to water, dust, and UV rays, offering security in various weather conditions.

The unboxing process reveals a pre-assembled product, simplifying the installation process.

Generally, you should lay out the tonneau cover on a flat surface and unfold it to ensure all parts are included and in good condition.

You then clean the truck bed, measure it for a proper fit, place the cover on the bed align it with the bed rails and secure it with the provided hardware.

Finally, fold the cover into the quad-fold and secure it, then test it to ensure it functions smoothly.

The quad-fold design allows the cover to be folded into four parts, providing easy access to the truck bed.

Despite being a quad-fold, it maintains a low-profile appearance and offers 2/3 bed access when folded up near the windscreen.

The exterior, made from durable aircraft aluminum, is scratch, dent, and fade-resistant, enhancing the truck’s overall look.

The lock mechanism, integrated into the tailgate, is straightforward, and you can secure the cover with buckle straps when it’s folded up near the cab window.

MOSTPLUS Quad Fold Hard Tonneau Cover- Key Features

MOSTPLUS Quad Fold Hard Tonneau Cover- Key Features

Brand and Style

Mostplus offers a quad-fold tonneau cover, easily folded into four parts for quick access to the bed of your truck.

This design provides a sleek, low-profile look that complements the overall aesthetics of your truck.


The Mostplus cover is made from durable, water-resistant vinyl, resistant to UV rays and fading, making it suitable for outdoor use. It also features a heavy-duty aluminum frame that provides stability and support.


An exterior of durable aircraft aluminum material, coated with a gloss black powder, offers a premium, textured look. It’s sturdy, lightweight, and resistant to chips, dents, scratches, and fading.

Bed Access

Folding this cover near the windscreen provides ⅔ bed access, secured using buckle straps. This design allows for hauling with an open tonneau cover.

Weight and Dimensions

With an item weight of 32.9 pounds and product dimensions of 71.5 x 22.9 x 5.6 inches, this tonneau cover is manageable and fits most standard trucks.

Locking Mechanism

The Mostplus cover features an integrated clip fastening system that ensures the stability and security of the truck’s bed.


This product comes pre-assembled and includes all necessary installation equipment. You can easily secure it to the truck bed using the provided instructions.

Weather Protection

A thick rubber gasket on all sides provides additional waterproofing, and the powder coat aluminum top layer offers rugged resistance against weather conditions.

Fuel Efficiency

The Mostplus cover design not only protects your cargo but also improves fuel efficiency.


The Mostplus Tonneau Cover comes with a standard 1-year warranty for failures of materials and workmanship.

What We Like

  • The product is easy to install.
  • The material is durable and high-quality.
  • It is designed to be UV resistant.
  • The design allows a smooth, low-profile look for the truck.
  • It improves fuel efficiency.

What We Don’t Like

  • The cover can sometimes leak.
  • It does not allow complete bed access.

Assessing the Safety of Your Cargo with the MOSTPLUS Cover: Security Features Unveiled

Assessing the Safety of Your Cargo with the MOSTPLUS Cover: Security Features Unveiled

Let’s embark on this journey to uncover the safety features of the MOSTPLUS cover. You might be wondering if it’s the right choice to secure your cargo.

I assure you, by the end of this exploration, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of what makes this cover a reliable option.

Examine the Lock Mechanism

The first thing you should look at is the lock mechanism of the MOSTPLUS cover.

This feature is what ensures that your cargo remains inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.

The design of this lock mechanism is intricate, offering a high level of security.

To give you a more detailed view: the lock mechanism utilizes a unique key system.

Each key is distinct, making it nearly impossible for someone to unlock your cargo cover without the correct key.

The lock also contains anti-pick pins, further enhancing its security.

Assess the Material’s Strength

Next, take a close look at the material of the MOSTPLUS cover. It’s made from heavy-duty aluminum panels that are not only sturdy but also resistant to adverse weather conditions.

These panels provide a solid barrier between your cargo and the outside world.

To delve deeper:

The aluminum panels have a powder-coated finish, which adds to their durability. They can withstand significant weight, preventing any potential break-ins.

The weather resistance of these panels is exceptional too, ensuring your cargo remains dry and protected even during heavy rain or snow.

Evaluate the Installation Process

How the MOSTPLUS cover is installed on your vehicle can also impact its security.

An incorrectly installed cover might leave gaps or loose ends that can be exploited by thieves.

The MOSTPLUS cover, however, is designed for a simple and secure installation.

Let’s get more detailed: The cover comes with a detailed installation guide and all necessary hardware.

It uses a clamp-on design that doesn’t require any drilling or modification to your vehicle. This design ensures a tight fit, eliminating any potential vulnerabilities.

Check the Warranty

The warranty on the MOSTPLUS cover is another factor to consider. A good warranty assures you that the manufacturer stands behind their product.

The MOSTPLUS cover comes with a limited lifetime warranty, demonstrating the company’s confidence in the product’s durability and security.

Let’s break it down: This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship. If any issues arise, the manufacturer will repair or replace the cover at no cost to you.

This not only gives you peace of mind but also shows the company’s commitment to quality and security.

Comparing the MOSTPLUS Quad Fold Hard Truck Bed Tonneau Cover to Competitors

Comparing the MOSTPLUS Quad Fold Hard Truck Bed Tonneau Cover to Competitors

Comparing MOSTPLUS with BAK BAKFlip G2

The BAK BAKFlip G2 hard-folding tonneau cover is another option you might consider.

The G2, constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum panels with a UV-resistant, powder-coated black finish, features easy installation and allows for full bed access.

The surface weight tolerance stands at 300.0 pounds. The G2 is lined with EPDM rubber seals to keep out rain and has built-in drainage channels to keep your truck bed dry.

Despite these features, it’s important to note that the BAKFlip G2 isn’t fully waterproof.

Users have reported mixed reviews regarding its waterproofing, with some stating that it leaks, particularly at the tailgate as it ages.

The cost of the BAKFlip G2 ranges from around $910 to $1,100, and it comes with a three-year warranty.

Comparing MOSTPLUS with Tyger Auto T3

The Tyger Auto T3, a softcover tonneau, offers quick and easy access to your truck bed, but with less security compared to hardcovers like MOSTPLUS.

The T3 has a tri-fold design with a soft, tear-resistant fabric cover over an aluminum frame.

It’s lighter than hardcovers, making it easier to install and use. The cover has decent weather-resistant properties, absorbing hard weather elements like hail and wind debris.

Installation is straightforward with a few clamps, and the cover comes mostly pre-assembled.

However, it cannot work in the open or partially open positions. It’s also worth noting that the soft fabric design may offer less protection against potential thieves, as it could be cut open.


How Does The MOSTPLUS Quad Fold Hard Tonneau Cover Perform In Harsh Weather Conditions?

The MOSTPLUS Quad Fold Hard Tonneau Cover is designed to withstand various weather conditions.

Its sealed strips effectively keep out water, snow, and dust, protecting your truck bed and cargo.

Can I Drive With The MOSTPLUS Quad Fold Hard Tonneau Cover Partially Open?

Yes, you can drive with the cover partially open. It features a quad-fold design which allows for partial or full coverage of your truck bed as per your need.

Does The MOSTPLUS Quad Fold Hard Tonneau Cover Affect Fuel Economy?

Yes, by reducing aerodynamic drag, the MOSTPLUS Quad Fold Hard Tonneau Cover can help to slightly improve your truck’s fuel economy.

However, the exact savings may vary based on your driving habits and conditions.

Final Words

With the MOSTPLUS Quad Fold Hard Truck Bed Tonneau Cover, your truck is in good hands.

Rain or shine, it safeguards your cargo, fitting seamlessly to your bed. Its easy installation allows you to set up in no time.

Upgrade your truck experience and enjoy peace of mind with this durable, reliable choice.

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